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    Ruby Creek's Gold Plateau project is located in a remote part of Tanzania's south. Most towns and villages have very limited infrastructure making the area not a very desirable location for teachers to begin their careers. We recognize the value of education and want to help the children get a quality education. Ruby Creek has made it a focus to provide much needed financial assistance on both the local and national level to help educate the children. We proudly support education and have taken these initiatives:
    1. Hassan Maajar Trust
      Ruby Creek is a proud donor to the Hassan Maajar Trust. The trust was founded by the Tanzanian Ambassador to the US the Honorable Mwanaidi S. Maajar (formerly High Commissioner to the UK). The Hassan Maajar Trust is registered as a company limited by guarantee and also as a non-governmental organization ('NGO'). It is a not for profit, non-partisan organization that works with people in Tanzania and elsewhere to provide school desks and other furniture and learning equipment for schools in Tanzania.

      The Trust was establishes in memory of Hassan Shariff Maajar (Hashy) who died in a tragic road accident November 11, 2006. He was nearly 18. Hassan attended school at Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa in Mbabane, Swaziland where he was studying to become a teacher.

    2. Primary School Desk Program
      Ruby Creek has committed to build desks for 1300 primary school children in the towns close to the Gold Plateau Project. Ruby Creek has received donations to construct desks and has matched those donations ten-fold to maximize donor contributions. Skilled carpenters working at the Gold Plateau camp build desks for the local programs.

      Delivery of first desks to local school.

      Desks in local school.

    3. Gold Plateau Education
      Ruby Creek is reopening a school near the Matandani mining village located approximately 12 km from the Gold Plateau Camp. Many children have no access to any school. When we previously opened the school, morning and afternoon meals were provided. We had many of the mothers support the school as assistants. An employee of the Camp will be teaching students from ages 4 -- 14. We were asked to and we will reopen an adult education class for reading on the weekends.

      Mining village children in school when it was under construction.

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